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escalatin escalating? >> reporter: right now, joe biden. the vice president is headed to china next week to sit down and talk to them. but this is all happening in the middle of war games between the u.s. and japan in the region, and escalating tensions here at the pentagon, what u.s. officials, the line they are trying to push is that they routinely fly through this international air space, that these are reconnaissance flights, nothing unusual they say. they're not trying to poke china in the eye, they are not trying to escalate tensions. but the question now is can china keep this up. has china overplayed its hand. does it have the midair refueling capability to keep sending its fighters into the air. does it have the radar coverage to keep looking for these planes. what if the u.s., japan and south korea just keep sending larger and larger numbers of planes into this zone? what are the chinese going to do about it, are we headed to an incident of potential miscalculation? nobody thinks there's going to be a shooting war. no one is talking about that. but miscalculation in tight air s
of attention highlighted in the book and the obama campaign's consideration of replacing joe biden with hillary clinton. he first heard that story right here on our broadcast. ed klein broke the story first. more than a year ago. >> are you saying that you think it is all but a done deal that he will be replaced on the ticket? >> i'm not saying that at all. i am saying that there are those inside the obama campaign were thinking maybe we should consider replacing joe biden and they did not make that decision, but they were considering it. >> there you see it. the author of "the new york times" bestseller, ed klein is with us tonight. and congratulations. that is her thick. >> thank you. the idea that this clinton campaign is starting to ratchet up. is there truth is we are hearing from some? >> i don't think it's disorganized. >> yes, i think it's very organized. bill clinton had handed off he foundations being named so he could spend full time running on hillary's campaign. lining up support with labor unions and big donors and people who get out the vote. and it's going to be a massive campa
. she's unmatched you. up 51 points over her closest rival and that's joe biden. let's remove hillary clinton from the race. and then all of a sudden, joe biden becomes the front-runner certainly at this point in time. >> that makes sense, eight years at vice president. been in congress since the early 1970s. we're three years out at this point. do these numbers matter just a general indicator? >> they do matter about you they are a general indicator. for the folks who say it's too early to talk about this, certainly from our perspective, we're not the ones going to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, florida, raising money for democrats. clearly laying the groundwork. we've seen that from rand paul and ted cruz. joe biden himself is already making phone calls tols iowa, new hampshire. but if hillary clinton doesn't run, a whole new race. >> we're already handicapping 2016. thanks very much to mark preston. later this hour, we'll talk more about joen's hopes for 2016. he may be second in some of the polls but that's not stopping him from acting like the leading candidate. first, u.s.
me on. >> coming up - joe biden's big trip. there's high stakes for his visit to china >> tragedy at a world cup stadium prompts new questions in brazil. an in the >>> look, for joe biden to ask the chinese tough questions when he travels to beijing. china has been ratcheting up tensions with japan over a territorial dispute. both claimed islands in the east china sea as their own. china declared an expanded air defense zone over the region. the united states appeared to challenge the chinese by flying two b 52 bombers through the air defense zone. the vice president will make it clear that washington has concerns about china's behaviour. the trip begins sunday. >> there are questions over brazil's readiness to host the world cup after two construction workers were killed in sao paulo, where the opening match of the tournament will be shelled. ross shimabuku reports. >> workers in brazil are under pressure to get the world cup stadiaurks finished on deadline. this is one of a number of actions. from the air it's easier to understand what happened. a crane, involved in lifting part
in the region. it's that miscalculation that american vice president joe biden hopes can be avoided when they visits next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven. the islands have little value. it could be a high-stakes conversation over nothing. >> the u.s. might have a solution to the thorny problem of where to take syria's chemical weapons. according to associated press the u.s. is looking at destroying the stockpile on a government ship in the mediterranean. an international watchdog agency needs to approve the idea. >> u.n. says iran has given inspectors a green light to tour an energy plant. it will examine a heavy water reactor. the deal signed with six powers called for the work at this plant to be stopped. >> too close for comfort. still ahead - where the so-called comet of the century is now - possibly on a collision course with the sun. it's a big question for scientists. >> a 7 million bitcoin treasure buried under a landfill. you. >>> it is a big change from yesterday across the north-east. we are looking at better conditions here. in terms of temperatures it's cool. it's w
alrifai, joining us via skype. >> vice president joe biden heading to china. china declared an air defense zone extending over a disputed area in the east china sea. the zone including ireland, china and japan. the u.s. became involved when it flew bombers through an an airspace. >> it may take a tiny miscalculation or misunderstanding, and these islands could become a center of a large international conflict. to the japanese, they are the s sending , to the chinese the diaoyu island. they are the most talked about island in asia. politics at home have a lot to do with it. >> china, japan and korea are facing domestic issues. they want to divert people's attention. the countries want to find another issue to quarrel about. >> china's decision to impose control over the airspace upset neighbours. it is argued that the u.s. is most annoyed. >> translation: the adiz was introduced by the united states after japan's defeat in the second world war to secure japan's safety. it's the u.s.'s invention. china is trying to introduce a new order. that's why the chinese are more sensitive than japan.
night was obama's night. the middle night should have been joe biden's night, but instead, president obama decided to give president clinton the chance to get up there and place barack obama's name in nominationing and then really make the case for barack obama's term and the case against the republicans which president clinton did extraordinarily. and it was a big moment for president clinton because after 2008, a lot of people thought he had lost a step. maybe he couldn't go out there and throw the high, hard one. he wanted to show he still had his fastball, and he did show that that night in charlotte. a very consequential speech as well as a riveting one. president clinton showed he had his presidential skills, and he also showed he had the skills of punditry. you know, by the end of the campaign, president obama and president clinton when superstorm san key was bearing -- sandy was bearing down on new york city, president clinton and president obama were here about to do a joint event together, and president obama decided he had to go back to washington because of the storm and
obama's night in the middle might should've been joe biden's night. instead president obama decided to give president clinton a chance to get up there and do something no former president had ever done before and make the case for barack obama's term which president clinton did extraordinarily. it was a big moment for president clinton. he couldn't go up there and throw the high hard one but he wanted to show he had his fastball and he did show that night in charlotte. a very consequential speech is as well as a riveting one. president clinton showed he had political skills and a few weeks after that he showed he also had punditry which i will come back to in a minute. by the end of the campaign president upon and president clinton when superstorm sandy was bearing down on new york city they were about to do a joint event together and president obama decided he had to go back to washington because of the storm. there were at the hotel in florida and clinton said you go back and be president and i will pick up the slack. president clinton covered the country has of his own name was o
. but terrible secret talks, top officials at the whitehouse, assistant to joe biden, vice president, top official at the state department, largely laying out the framework to what was agreed upon in geneva last night we should point out the same officials say president obama will be calling prime minister netanyahu to hash all of this out today. richelle? >> it's going to be quite a conversation >> reporter: they all are. >> all right, mike viqueira live at the whitehouse. mike, thank you so much? >> all right. >> and action was, the spiritual leader they have responded positively to the deal. grunted powers have recognized iran's nuclear rights the islamic republic of iran enjoys this right and this right has been granted to all of the signatories. >> some iranians, however, say they had hoped for greater sanction relief. al jazeera zohira lenny. >> most iranians are unhappy about this deal in terms of what we are getting, sanctions reef leave is limited. it's just the first step they will offer somewhere around $7,000,000,000 in frozen iranian assets. they have around $100,000,000,000
president joe biden is going to be talking about the dispute between japan and chai that when he visits beijing next week. >>> millions of teens are living with the hiv virus and the centers for disease control says more than halving don't even know they have it. but there is one group that is growing faster than others. >> reporter: gabriel ortiz was 22 years old when he found out he was hiv positive. he is a patient at a center in new york where they provide tests, outreach, and assistance. >> when i was young, we never got the education we needed in school for hiv or std's or anything of this sort. so when i came to doctors they never believed in testing for me. they never -- they would ask you if you were sexually active and stuff like that, but they never administered an test. >> reporter: this doctor who sees patients at the clinic says doctors don't provide routine testing, and that is the biggest problem tributing to a rise in hiv cases among adolescence. >> you can still come in and be diagnosed with chlamydia, and not be tested for hiv because they are not prepared to go thoug
saying vice president joe biden is going to be talking about the new dispute between japan and china when he visits beijing next week. trying to set up tensions around an area that is claimed by both china and japan. >>> the affordable care act now giving small businesses more time to sign up for coverage. >>> it is the most important events in chicago's history. the world fair in 1993 changed the country and especially chicago. now there is a new exhibit that takes a look back. we have that story. >> reporter: if. >> they called it the white city, the world's fair that transformed chicago the world's fair of 1893 put chicago on th e map. >> it was the moment that chicago came a world class city. the potential was there. the wealth was there. the industry was there. but until the 1893 world fair there wasn't a coming together of all of those factors and focused on the city being a world city. >> reporter: an arresan architel marvel. costing dozens their lives. >> 17 were killed and then later the fires. >> there were other world fairs but this one was industrial and enormously success. wh
soccer governing body. >>> the obama administration says vice president joe biden will discuss the defensive zone claimed by china. >>> a loui vuitton giant suitcase has been set up in a square. >>> looking for a special dress this holiday season? you might have to big deep. one of princess di's favorite gowns is hitting the auction block on saturday. it's a size 10 by the way, and was a perfect fit for di. the gown is expected to fetch anywhere from 81 to $130,000. >>> historians call it the fair that changed america. now there's a new exhibit dedicated to an event that many there say allowed the city to be reborn. jo johnhas more. >> reporter: they called it the white city. 20 years after a great fire raped the windy city, erasing much of its landscape. the world's fair put chicago on the international map. now an exhibit in the city's field museum is celebrating its arrival on the boerld stage. >> i think it was the moment that chicago became a world class city. the potential was there, the wealth was there, the city was there, but until the 1893 world's fair there wasn't a
. vice president joe biden who heads to beijing next week will be discussing the dispute over the islands both china and japan are claiming. china raised tensions over the weekend when it said it was setting up an air defense zone. two workers were killed in a construction accident at a world cup stadium. police say parts of the sa sao paulo stadium that will host of the world cup tournaments next year collapsed. >>> the launch of an online insurance exchange for small businesses until next november. small businesses can still purchase coverage through other means. >>> and archeologists have discovered the oldest buddhist shrine. researchers have uncovered traces that days back 200 years. it was unearthed in a sacred temple where the buddha is thought to be born. "real money with ali velshi" is next on al jazeera. >> the new year may bring new financial pain to american farms i'll talk to a corn farmer who worries about the lower ethanol production. and how the new wave of a digital company is trying to tap into you want sometimes before you even know you want it. black friday game plan.
president joe biden will raise concerns with beijing he visits china next week. today, the u.s. secretary of defense called his japanese counterpart to stress the japanese security agreement does include the set of disputed items in the south china sea. bombers flew over those islands on monday in defiance of chinese restrictions. it is still not clear how beijing will respond. the tension could even affect commercial planes that fly over the protected territory. >> we are tempting to determine about the civil aviation commercial air flight. in the meantime, u.s. air .arriers are being advised to >> i spoke earlier with a man who formerly served with the u.s. security council and is now vice president of the atlantic council. he joined me. x much for joining me. how concerned do you think they are in the white house about what happened with china this week? >> i think quite concerned. one of the most dangerous potential flashpoint in general in the world in 2013 and 2014 is, indeed, sort of a dispute over these islands, where rising nationalism in china and japan could lead to mistakes of
says he will not comment on matters related to national security. vice president joe biden is planning a trip to china, the goal trying to ease tensions with japan. china declared that the air defense zone is over the east china sea. it's above a group of islands. the u.s. was involved when a pair of american bombers flew through the air space. al jazeera's craig leeson has more. >> trouble greets the u.s. ambassador in japan. china's ratcheting up of the dispute dominated the welcome at this luncheon. >> unilateral actions like those taken by china with the announcement of an east china sea defense sewn undermines security and attempts to change the status quo in the east china sea. it will increase tensions in the reason. >> there were times for smiles and congratulations. the message was serious and underscored the access of the u.s. tuesday. that's when the americans sent two b 52 bombers on a fly through without notifying the budget authorities. the flight was part of a long-planned exercise. nonetheless the message was clear - japan is a friend. as far as the u.s. is concerned, t
. and what joe biden hopes to put pressure,. >>> and the holiday season is underway, the deals to be had and where help is most needed.
's that miscalculation that joe biden hopes could be avoided when he visits the region next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven, the i would say hold little real value and it could be a high stakes confrontation over nothing. >> an earthquake in iran has killed seven and injured dozens. the 5.6 magnitude quick hit close to the southern province. 40 miles north of a nuclear power plant. it damaged buildings and cut power to many areas. the egyptian law limiting demonstrations leads to the gaoling of protesters and protests. a student was killed in a clash. the crown was angered. a prominent leader was under arrest. he is charged with inciting protest. meanwhile family and friends are saying goodbye to the women heading to prison. >> dominic kane reports. >> this woman looks through her daughter's bedroom. she is 19. on thursday she should have attended classes at university. instead she was starting an 11 year prison sentence. her daughter her has been conscientious and loves to draw and sketch. the news of the conviction has been like a body blow. >> translation: when we heard the verdict, it was
his next court date. sasha says he is not ready to forgive him. not yet. >>> vice president joe biden heads to asia. the visit comes as china has set fighter jets to patrol a cluster of islands in the east china sea. they have declared the area a defense zone and want pilots to identify themselves. the u.s. has refused to do so and carried on with joint naval exercises with japan in that area. >> we are executing it almost exactly as originally planned 12 months ago. i don't think we tailored anything ewe leakily to -- anything uniquely. >> japan and south korea have flown through the disputed air space without notifying china. >>> more inmates are attacking other inmates inside nine o'clock jails since california's realign law took effect. the ap the associated press says inmate assaults rose 32% on average in the ten counties. the population of the jails rose for 14%. the realignment law moved lower level offenders to county jails instead of state prisons. as a way to reduce over crowding. >>> the health care website is getting more help from the silicon valley. they are switching t
democrats seem to favor vice president joe biden. and i must say, this surprised me. >> a lot of people think that joe biden is not the heir apparent to barack obama obama. but if she doesn't run, democrats at least at this point want to see joe biden run. and his closest come pet ter is elizabeth warren, somebody that liberals would love to see run in 2016. but joe biden does very well with moderate voters. he also does a little better than elizabeth warren when it comes to women voters. these polls give us a little indication about where we are right now. >> on the republican side, what's the take away? i mean chris christie is a rock star. you kind of expect him to come in at number one, right? >> yes. and the interesting thing about chris christie is that not only did he win by a huge margin his re-election just last month, he won convincingly. he beat a woman and he won the women vote and the majority of the hispanics. what's interesting about the number is that you would think chris christie would do well with blue collar republicans. and in fact, this poll shows that senator rand
in this and call the alley you like the kid centric by ten pm. us vice president joe biden will be hoping to snag them for the increasingly targeted relations when he visits the region next week kenya has launched a new railway dialing it would eventually stretched to the democratic republic of congo. dubbed the largest infrastructure project since independence. much of the three point eight billion your eyes need it for the light will come from china. the fed section will covet any time between the fastening my baby from fifty allies to full. it was a journey for a playful a canadian is in the making of the comic the licensed trade is tipping cut short by this sun sign says sipping tracking its profits last year so what else but when the sun where the anticipated that the fragments if only they would be visible to the naked eye but the guilt we could see that. the full cost of hauling things he did out just enough to allow macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york to go ahead as planned. around three point five canadian people braved the icy temperatures to watch the full story like that ends u
of the issues have been fixed. >> vice president joe biden is gearing up to a week-long trip to asia. high on the agenda, easing tensions. relations have been strained over who controls islands in the east china sea. >> the death toll interest a helicopter crash in scotland rose to eight people. officials say all three in the chopper died. five others killed on the ground. a police helicopter crashed into a bar in glasgow. officials say they have to get the wreckage out before determining a cause. >> u.s. is calling for the release of merrill newman. a video was released of him supposedly apologising for war crimes. swedish embassy officials were allowed to sea him. >> those are the headlines. for more information go to >> it's a fight for your money. how retailers on one side and charity on the other. also meet a brand new breed of entrepreneurs who are reaching for the stars so that you one day might live in space. >>> and whose got more game. and should you get in on the action? i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> this is "real money." you're the most important p
of one man, thaksin shinawatra, whose sister is the leader. >> vice president joe biden heads to china this week for a meeting with the japanese prime minister. last week china declared an air defense zone requiring pilots to identify themselves. japan and the u.s. military will not comply with their request. american airlines is heeding the government's advice. the u.s. government hasn't accepted the new order, and neither have two major japanese airlines. online again. the obama administration is expected to give us all an update on the fix to the website. the tech guru brought in to repair the site will brief on progress. after government contractors fix the latest batch of fixes. the site will go down to accommodate the upgrades. the site should now work for most people. >> we are on track to have a different user experience by the end of this month. that was our commitment. >> once the site is back up, the goal is to handle 50,000 users, and 800,000 people per day. >> the white house promises to give us a smoothly running website, weeks of negative publicity has tak
is a look at our top stories. obama administration has vice president joe biden headed to beijing to back japan in the discussion between china and japan. >>> two construction workers were killed in brazil. the stadium will house th the tournaments and brings real concerns if brazil will be ready for the world cup. >>> small businesses can still purchase coverage through other means, this comes just before the deadline to fix problems with . and mike viqueira has more on this. he's at the white house for us. how about this timing heading into the holidays, and we get this dump of bad news from the administration. >> reporter: yeah, that's right oh out of the standard public relations playbook here in washington. bad news before the weekend. something that is more significant was dumped out into the news environment, and that is a delay in the employer mandate to supply a health insurance to its employees. this is not the quite the catastrophe that the launched two months old has been. all the frustration and anger that people are feeling as they try to get e
joe biden will work to ease tensions between japan and china. frictions between japan and china have been rising over disputed islands in the sea. the islands are claimed by both countries. vice president bide someone scheduled to visit china, japan, and south korea next week. >>> another set back for the affordable care act. the white house said it will wait until late next year to launch an online insurance exchange for some businesses. this hazard they try to teal with the fall out. mike, we're heading to the holidays. for any good time to release this kind of bad news. >> with yes, like the roll out of . that website was supposed to be up and running on the 1st. now there is another log on the fire of opposition. this is coming from among the republican. now they've called it another debacle. if you own a small business you are not scheduled to offer health insurance to your employees. but the house and set up as part of that act a website, you can go to this website and shop for your employees. they were so caught up trying to fix the other problems, the larger pr
. military muscle being waged over the sea in japan. and what joe biden hopes to put pressure,. >>> and the holiday season is underway, the deals to be had and where help is most needed. >> welcome and a happy thanksgiving to you. across the country, family and friends are celebrating and shopping. we'll bring you more on the holiday festivities at home and abroad but now we want to start in egypt, where alah fatal has been arrested, in defiance of a new law. earlier egyptian security forces used water cancan on killing one student. sentenced up to 11 years in prison. hoda amil has more from cairo. >> certainly there was an uproar across the board. people were angered seeing this 14 girls standing in that cage in the court and being treated as if they were high-risk criminals. now these groups do belong to a group called the 7:00 a.m. movement, that is a movement that does support the anticoup alliance and former president mohamed morsi. but typically what they did before going to school or university they stood in the street for about half an hour sometimes carrying balloons
president joe biden hopes can be avoided when he visits the region next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven, the islands hold little real value. it could be a high-stakes confrontation over nothing. >> a union leader says safety complaints were ignored before an accident in one of brazil's world cup stadiums. two workers were killed. it's supposed to host the opening of the 2014 world cup. the main construction company denies claims. work was behind schedule. a local official said it won't affect the opening match. investigators are looking into what caused the crane to topple. >> all righty. ross is here with sport. what is going on with jason kidd. >> basically he tried to have a little spill. he's in trouble. in his first year as head coach for the brisbane nets he made a mistake. he intentionally spilled a drink to cause a stoppage of plain. he was hoping to call play, but it didn't work because the nets lost the game. now kidd is going to lose 50 grand. cheaters never win. dallas cowboys were running wild against the oakland raiders. the murray racking up football points.
are doing the same. now vice president joe biden is heading to the region. >>> astronomers across the world looking to the skies this morning. we will have the photos. your "new day" starts right now. >>> and don lemon! >> and don lemon! good morning. welcome to "new day." we made it to friday. november 29th. it is 6:00 in the east. chris and kate are off but don lemon and rosa flores are joining us on the friday news set. >> good morning. >> we are all surviving after all of our turkey? >> a lot of alcohol. >> that could make for a very interesting program today. >>> it is black friday. the mad dash to find those holiday deals has begun. in fact, just look at the shoppers fighting their way it is a scene that is playing out across the country. crowds lining up. not always politely for things like clothes, electronics and more. with everyone looking to get a bang for their buck. assuming the stores have not sold out of the hottest items already. >>> let's start our coverage with zain asher at macy's flagship store in new york city. how is it looking there so far? >> reporter: hi, micaela. 1
jim walsh. >> vice president joe biden will spend next week in asia. on the top of the agenda easing tensions between china and the east china sea. all pilots are required to identify themselves before entering the disputed air space. japan is refusing to comply. major american airliners are following advice. they are notifying china the flight plans. the u.s. government has not accepted the new rules. two major japanese airlines will fly through the airspace without notifying china. >> al jazeera broke the news about the destruction of syria's chemical weapons. the 500 tonnes of chemicals will be destroyed at sea on board a ship. they are thought to be too dangerous. the arms have to be out of syria by the end of the year. the u.n. is warning of a lot of generation in syria, an amounted 1 million children have been displaced because of the civil war. many are growing up in refugee camps. 2.2 million have fled. those in camps across the border face a difficult whipper. >> zeina khodr begins our coverage in lebanon. >> we are at a tend settlement in lebanon. pe
. >> vice president joe biden heads to asia to ease interpretations over disputed territory in the east china sea. biden will arrive in tokyo for a meeting with the japanese prime minister. china declared an air defense zone over the island. japan and the u.s. military say they will not play by china's rules. the u.s. is expressing concern over the state of democracy in egypt. chuck hagel called. they voted an a draft of a new constitution, making 250 changes to egypt's suspended constitution. once it's complete the panel has until tuesday to hand it over to the intern president. egypt is scheduled to hold presidential elections next year. >> a resettlement plan turned into a day of rage. the government plans to move 40,000 bedouins to homes in the desert. 28 have been reached. >> anger turned violent as hundreds of israelis demonstrated. people demonstrated in a day of rage. small pockets of fighting erupted, police made roasts. protesters were against plans to remove 40,000 people into towns. the people affected have been living in the deserts of southern negev for generations. >> the
's demands. this is vice president joe biden is set to visit the region next week. joining us now is former state department senior adviser kristen white. good to see you. is this the commander in chief telling, you know, armed forces to essentially stand down after controlling this area in the south and east china sea for decades? >> well, it's a bad precedent. you know, you have china in an air space grab that's basically, you know, a step ahead of a land grab. trying to grab the seinkaku's. japanese carriers have said they're not going to play ball with beijing on this. u.s. airlines have been told they have to do what the chinese want, which is a terrible signal. it's another instance of ally betrayal by this administration. >> is it your interpretation that china sees obama as weak, and they've got three years to accomplish something? the policy doesn't exist in a vacuum. in china beijing can take a look at what just happened with iran, for example, where the administration paid $8 billion in exchange for meaningless promises from iran to halt or to slow down its nuclear program. you k
today. vice president joe biden broke grouped on a new shelter for domestic violence victims, the first of its kind in the city of chicago in more than a decade. the center will include 40 beds and provide social services to victims and their families. on a cold, gray day, biden, the author of the original violence against women act, spoke candidly to the challenges facing women haunted by domestic abuse. >> somebody today in this city is making the decision, today do i have to break, do i have to leave my prison today. think about how that wind feels in the face of a young immigrant woman, who is walking unfamiliar streets, just to get out of the control of her abusive husband or so-called boyfriend, nowhere to go. but she is going to be able to call this shelter and be welcome. >> some comforting words from joe biden, eight months after the reauthorization of his landmark domestic abuse legislation. stay with us. today's top lines are coming up. oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys,
ask you which is joe biden he's saying. two prime minister of day when he visits tokyo the japanese who are saying that more and more if they want. um to be able to have their own re armament policy. in that case the plaintiff out the fall far from enough from a child is to find today to see if the chinese the conti new push her all the cob and i'm kind of connection. what the team of codex shoes bought japanese side that it was honestly going to the minute relaxation kind of developnt. of cos. in this case and that all will pass of the illustrious events just that it will pass the company though my cast the sole every ball they say we beat them at the moment i'm contemplating trust election in cusco for you and you can leave the country from among the new fund to use a lot to us that you see the sacrifice the mountain and the trust that awful day is coming smoke on the peak district. i hope he can say something like that to the upholstery site. it's me and the dishonesty from you her up. it wouldn't be the way i feel. however hats this mission is difficult. i cannot see it in the s
out in front on the democratic side. when you take hillary clinton out of the mix, joe biden is of course the establishment front-runner. that should be of no surprise. i just want to ask, how real is this handwringing over elizabeth warren? is she really potentially a threat to hillary clinton? is this something the clinton folks and potentially biden folks should worry about? >> i don't think she's a threat necessarily because i don't think elizabeth warren will run if hillary does. >> she clears the field. >> but i think among progressives they are looking for someone to really push their message. right now, elizabeth warren is that messenger. >> to some extent in presidential politics we talk about the lane finds the candidate as much as the candidate finds the lane. there is a segment of the democratic party that will view hillary clinton as too corporate, too close to wall street, too much of a return to the centrism of bill clinton. the party is more liberal than 20 years ago. somebody will presumably emerge to fill that lane. whether they can really give her more than
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smoothly. >> thank you nicole mitchell. >> vice president joe biden is planning a trip to china - the goal to ease tensions between that country and japan. the zone in the east china sea is above a group of islands by china and japan. the u.s. became involved when a pair of american bombers flew through the air space. craig leeson joins us from hong kong. why is china's newly defined airzone raising concerns? well, china decided to extend the air zone unilaterally, coming as a surprise to japan... >>>> okay. it looks like we are having problems with our live shot. i apologise for that. that was craig leeson in hong kong. the u.s. is proposing a solution to a thorny problem. how to dispose of syria's chemical weapons. the stockpile could be taken aboard a government-owned ship in the mediterranean. it would sidestep security complications. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons would have to sign off on the idea. >> a deadly accident stalls construction at a world cup site in brazil. a crane collapsed wednesday at a stadium in sao paulo, killing two workers. the site will
such operation. vice president joe biden hoping to ease tensions with china on a visit to the region next week. on sunday, china declaring a portion of the east china sea as an air defense identification zone. they want foreign flyers to identify themselves, but the u.s. has already flown bombers over that area. craig leeson has more from hong kong. >> japan's military posted two aircraft as well. they said the flight went okay. there was no response from china. i guess they are happy that they have proven their point as well. south korea likewise had a chance to put their grief answers personally to china, a strategic defense meeting was held and china was asked to modify these defense zones. china said that's not going to happen. so south korea said we are going to modify our air defense zone which is going to push it out further into china's. so it's tit for tat at this moment and who knows where it's going to end. >> craig leeson joining us from hong con. >> pope francis blasted the world and its focus on money. what he is doing in hopes of cleaning up the vatican finances. >> a deadly acc
fighters jets into the zone. raising the stakes, vice-president joe biden will be in china in the coming days. we are told he will ask china to explain what's behind the aggression. david? >> tonight in beijing. >>> back here at home and to los angeles and a standoff that kept neighbors hiding in their homes. it's all caught on tape. cecilia vega on the hostage situation that unfolded and the officer lucky to be alive. >> reporter: it was a prethanksgiving day shoot-out caught on camera, a barrage of gunfire that sent families preparing for their holiday dinners running for cover. as soon as officers responding to a domestic disturbance approached the front door, police say the man inside opened fire. >> it sounded like an army or some type of automatic weapon. >> reporter: police fired back. inside the house, investigators say the suspect barricaded himself, holding his girlfriend and her 14-year-old daughter hostage. >> officer down. >> reporter: one officer was hit. this video shows fellow officers rushing him out of the line of fire. he survived, thanks to a bulletproof vest. >> we w
of the archipelago. the dispute threatens to overshadow to us vice president joe biden's trip to the region next week and fuel tensions between china and its regional neighbors the guy carrier rivers of the head of the falling to the streets of the city of kano with charitable what is now in effect around two hundred and forty thousand bottles of booze was seized by israeli police and destroyed them with a clampdown on so called immoral behavior. most of the alcohol been confiscated from minority christine shopkeepers hundreds of estimates in september of two directive from the state government. it was not near moscow things. the company of the breakers on a blog is here to make station will supply them aye aye aye aye i am. i hate to be in doubt i really think the olympics have lost all meaning yesterday was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place the abstract at the nineteen thirty six olympics pseudoscience their self proclaimed security was put on trial for the whole world to see what the olympics having the majority of the country's honor of participating here now h
into that zone. adding to the tension, vice president joe biden leaves for china sunday and will ask china to exchain its actions. >>> president obama has his thanksgiving message for the nation. he gave thanks to the troops and their families for the sacrifice. he called ten members to deliver that message personally to them. and he sat down with abc's barbara walters. >> mr. president, do you have a thanksgiving message? >> there's a lot of people out there who work hard every day, do right by their families. but are still working through some of their ravages of that big recession that we had. my message to them is, know that every day i'm going to be working as hard as i can on your behalf. americans, i think, deep down, care about each other. and want to do the right thing. >> the first family volunteered at a charity on wednesday, they were yesterday at the white house, with other family members visiting from chicago. >>> and tonight on a special edition of "20/20," barbara walters asks president obama about the rough rollout of his health care plan. and when he thinks the u.s. will
for cbs news, washington. >> vice president joe biden will be traveling to utsoh korea, japan and china next week. >>> a deal between the u.s. and afghanistan could keep some u.s. troops in the country has hit yet another snag. president karzai says u.s. forces bombed a home in southern afghanistan yesterday killing a small child and wounding two women. he said the attack shows a disregard for civilian lives and if these operations continue, there won't be an agreement. the deal would keep some troops in afghanistan to train afghan forces after combat missions end next year. karzai has been hesitant to sign the agreement despite approval from his parliament. >>> could north korea be looking to make plutonium for atomic bombs? after satellite image rained capes that north korea that has restarted a long dormant nuclear reactor. it was shut down in 2008 in a confidence building gesture during international talks. the authority announced -- north announced in april it would revive the program but says it was seeking -- [ indiscernible ] >>> a florida woman sentenced to 20 years in prison i
that american vice president joe biden hopes can be avoided when he visits the region next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven, the islands hold little real value. stephanie syowen, taokyo. >>> two million children living in refugee companies and a new round of clark between protesters underway in egypt. iran... iran... healthcare... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the ad guests on all sides of the debate. debate. >> this is a right we >> this is a right we should all have... should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something >> there's something seriously wrong... seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the and a host willing to ask the tough questions tough questions >> how do you explain it >> how do you explain it to yourself? to yourself? and you'll get... and you'll get... the inside story the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story ray suarez hosts i
of the nation's total foreign trade. much attention is now being drawn to how us vice president joe biden's trip to asia next week will impact the current situation in northeast asia and then i didn't need. in other news after months of stalled talks the two koreas finally came together on friday to resume its sub panel talks on transit communications and customs and the korean interrupt the inter korean prison industrial complex the two sides agreed to begin construction of an electronic transit system that will control the passage of businessmen in and out of the invesco parking consult they also great to paint a canvas of panel talks to discuss other sensitive issues including internet and military coming patients connection. earlier this week to run on agreed with world powers to limit its nuclear program for slight reprieve from economic and n sanctions that it's while the deal has raised hopes about a possible breakthrough on the north korean nuclear issue of using political analysts from iraq doesn't see it that way when sonny tells us more it is not political at all as mohammad are ideas
, joe biden, hopes can be avoided when he visits the region next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven the islands hold little real value. >>> there have been renewed clashes in egypt over that country's new protest law as tear gas and water canons were fired at protesters in alexandra and other locales and the government says that laws are needed to keep the piece. >> reporter: this were several protests in many cities across the country and now mostly they were by the anti-coup alliance, those who still support the former president morsi who still want a return of his legitimacy and want to see him reinstated and today they within the defoyantly through streets protesting against a new law. they should have submitted a notice to local authorities three days ago and that did not happen and the protesters said we do not recognize the new government nor will we recognize any will you that the new government issues and they too were angered about the story of the 21 girls given a harsh sentence which caused an uproar in this country and late on friday the interim president s
vice president joe biden travels to china. he's expected to raise the issue with chinese leaders. the white house refuses to say if biden will demand that china take down the defense zone. if china outright refused that could only back the white house into a corner and raise the stakes even higher. >> our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski tonight. thanks. >>> as the civil war in syria grinds on a new report from the u.n. says at least half the refugees, more than a million of them, are children with three-quarters under the anyone of 12. as for the children who remained in syria, their plight was shown in a video from a rebel group shot in the suburb of damascus that includes an incredible moment, a part of life in a dangerous place. [ speaking in a foreign language ] [ explosion ] >> during the interview two boys and a girl were thrown to the ground but were unharmed by the incoming shell. they were seen smiling in the video a short time later. in afghanistan a close call from members of a u.s. army unit that brought a sudden and violent end to their brief thanksgiving bre
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